Since 1995, Aquasea has been committed to manufacturing apparel with a reduced impact on the environment. Our full package garment facilities are located in sunny Southern California and Baja Mexico. We use eco-friendly fibers, less water, less energy and local manufacturing for an overall smaller carbon footprint.

Over the years, Aquasea has grown to a fully integrated vertical operation. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to create production lines for each individual project.

Our services include developing yarn, fabric, first sample, duplicates, cut & sew, and full package manufacturing. Commitment to superior quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service has enabled us to work for some of the best-known brands in the United States.

Although most garment manufacturing has moved offshore, we have stayed committed to our cause of producing eco-friendly and socially responsible products, made right here in the U.S.A., and across the border in Mexico.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to protect and preserve our natural resources for this generation and many more to come. And, with the support of a growing number of conscious clients, we intend to continue to do our part.

Product development/Sampling:
Our product development team consist of highly experienced pattern makers, fit experts and samples sewers. Close collaboration with our clients results in shorter development time and higher product quality while meeting their costing goals.

With flexible production capability, we are able to create custom processes for each client and their specific needs ranging from quick turnaround styles to yarn, fabric and finished garment stock program.

We have developed multifaceted quality control processes at every stage of production. Each cut is inspected at a rate of 100% followed by a final audit by certified auditors.

Customer Service:
We tailor our customer service for each client to meet and exceed their expectation. With timely responses, updates and WIP reports, we reduce the number of emails and phone calls and eliminate the need for repeat follow ups.